† The Purifying Flame Will Consume The World

May 7, 2012 - "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate...  The fortune of My Heart is Divine Love.   This is a fortune which will never devalue.   It is a great fortune readily available through the Chambers of the United Hearts.   Do not chase after the tangible.   Do not seek out evidence or proof of all that I offer you through grace.   Rather, faithfully follow the journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts.   This is the way of peace and reconciliation - with one another.   It is the way of reconciliation with God.   The time will come when the First Chamber - the Purifying Flame of My Mother's Heart - will consume the world.   In that moment, each one will be given the opportunity to step into the First Chamber and to begin the journey.   Pray that all cooperate with this profound grace."

The visions, apparitions, and messages began for Maureen in 1985, with Jesus and with Blessed Mother. Heaven has asked Maureen to undertake various apostolic activities throughout these years, all related to encouraging individuals of all faiths: in prayer and sacrifice. (near Cleveland, Ohio)

ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
May 10, 2012