† Already The Work Of The Masonic Groups Is Weakening

May 9th, 2012 @ 09:00 pm - My dearly beloved daughter, more and more of those who know My Teachings are finally accepting that I am now communicating with the world through these messages given to you.   The power of the Holy Spirit will awaken those dead in the love for My Father to savour the Word of His Beloved Son.   I, Jesus Christ, wish to give you encouragement in the suffering and trials which you may be experiencing.   This suffering will not last long. My Love for you is so strong and My Mercy so great that I will not allow you to suffer the torments inflicted on you by those who wish to control your nations.   Already the work of the masonic groups in your world is weakening.   Your prayers have mitigated their evil deeds and rendered them to be ineffective.   They will try to destroy your faith but you, My Remnant Church, will keep the flame of truth alight.   You must not fear if you trust in Me.   Only by trusting in Me, your Jesus, can you feel at peace.   Please keep close to My Sacred Heart and do not allow fear to destroy your lives.   Once you love Me and live life as you know I expect you to, then you must live your lives in love, prayer and contentment.   When you suffer offer this up to Me and move on.   Do not allow anything to turn your heart away from Me.   Keep close to Me and I will protect you, guide you and lead you to safety.

Your beloved Jesus, Saviour of Mankind


ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
May 13, 2012