† Be Sure To Pray First For The Healing Of The Spirit

1. My dear child Alix, Jesus loves you, and all of His Father’s children.   He is the most generous Child of the Father and a merciful Lord.   His words to the Apostles were meant for you and for your time.   Let no one take lightly what is said in the Gospel of the Apostles.   Most of all, do not permit anyone to pretend that Jesus’ will is not in accordance to your needs.   Didn’t Jesus say that it will be done for you according to how you believe?

2. My dear child, true love never questions those who can be trusted.   The will of the Father is that you really believe that when you pray with a firmness of faith that cannot be shaken, that He will answer.   What is wrong in your time was also wrong in Jesus’ time.   Even when people tried they could not firmly believe, because they had acquired the habit of relying on their own means and capabilities.   However, in those days they did not have the Holy Spirit, but now you do.

3. My dear child, when you have trusted Jesus with your prayer to the Father, and at first the answer fails to come, this is not because it was the wrong thing to ask for, but rather your own failure to be patient in the true knowledge that you have already received the answer to your prayer.   The enemy is busy trying to defeat you in your weakness of faith.   Many good and holy people will tell you that it is not God’s will for your prayer request to be answered, and as a result you tend to believe less and less that God will answer your prayers.

4. My dear child, when you pray unwisely for something, Jesus will let you know why it is unwise to ask for it at this time.   The delay in the answer to your prayer is often a matter of timing, and not because the Lord wishes to prevent adverse consequences.   When Jesus heals the body, be sure to have first prayed for the healing of the spirit.   Unless the spirit is renewed in Christ, the healing that takes place for the body will not last for too long, and the first condition will return again even worse than before.

5. My dearest Missionary Servants, Jesus’ most ardent desire is to heal the spirit, and let it be filled with the Grace of the Mother.   This is because the body will respond to the healing of the spirit, but the spirit will not respond to the healing of the body.

6. My dearest Missionary Servants, when you pray, pray and pray for something, pray with the certitude that what you have asked for will be given to you.   Do not become like those who pray out of habit, never expecting good fruit to grow out of their prayer.   Those who pray with faith that comes from the just and faithful heart cleansed and purified by love, should believe that their prayers always deserve an answer from the Lord.

7. My dearest Missionary Servants, most people get discouraged before knowing the outcome of their prayers.   You live at a time when everything you order is expected to arrive promptly, therefore your faith is no longer accustomed to waiting patiently for a response.   Dearest children, no one’s faith is as strong as Jesus’, and, yet , He empowers all of you to do even greater things that He did, because He has gone to the Father.   If you love Jesus, you may ask anything and it will be done for you.

8. My dearest Missionary Servants, even Jesus of Nazareth sometimes had to repeat His command in order to fight the rebellious spirits, who control the diseases that are affecting people all over the world.   Jesus is Lord over all imperfections of the spirit, mind and body.   Through His death and Resurrection, Jesus defeated death and all that pertains to death.   This is how Jesus was able to offer to you the authority to do the things He did, and even greater than these.   God who created out of the mud of the earth the most perfect universe, and who made you in His own image, can without a doubt, change forever the face of the earth for you if you truly believe.

9. My dearest Missionary Servants, you cannot truly believe if the Holy Spirit is not present in force within you.   Even the first Apostles could not perform well until Pentecost.   You must seek the Holy Spirit and never cease to invite Him to come and dwell fully in you.   There are many who are not of your faith but who invoke the Spirit of God, and their faith is very often rewarded.   However, if they are not of the fold, pray for them just the same, because the spirit of disobedience is also taking root within their hearts.

10. My dearest Missionary Servants, can a child in the womb perform in the same manner as a fully mature adult?

You received the Holy Spirit at the time of your Baptism and you became a child of God, the Father in heaven.   From that moment on you have been empowered to receive all that is of God, your Father. Just as Jesus received from the Father, so too you may receive the Spirit of Grace from your Mother in heaven.   I am your Mother, Your Lady of All Graces who fills the Church with the Spirit of the Lord.   I am one in the Holy Spirit because I am His Bride, who was chosen by the Father for the Son.

11. My dearest Missionary Servants, at the time of your confirmation, the Spirit of Grace was stirred up further in you.   Recall how the farmer plants seeds in the ground.   Observe how he prepares the ground, watering it and waiting patiently but faithfully for the time of harvest.   If bad weather is coming, he deals with it firmly, protecting his crop the best way he can.   The seed that comes to life, if well guarded and cared for, will survive and grow to bear much fruit to feed the hungry of your time.

12. My dearest Missionary Servants, are you ready and capable of bearing fruit before you have nurtured the Good Spirit that is planted in you?   Do you have a peaceful and gentle heart?   How do you feel about true charity and making costly sacrifices which demand the very best of what you have reserved for those you love?   Can you bear with one another no matter how difficult the circumstances may be?   Is your neighbor not your loved one?

13. My dearest Missionary Servants, it is very easy to say that you are followers of Christ.   However, are you really determined to become like a good tree, which produces the fruit of love and generates the Grace that the world needs to survive the disasters of the time to come?   You have been offered the Purity of Heart, which is a gift as well as a seed.   Yet, has the time come for you to eat of its fruits?

14. My dearest Missionary Servants, the Holy Spirit gives life to the plants and to the least of God’s creatures.   However, is there true life in you, or are you just vegetating?   When you pray, and the answer does not come to you promptly, do you still believe that God has answered you?

15. My dearest Missionary Servants, through the gifts of the Holy Spirit your faith tells you, in the most convincing way, that the answer you seek is coming despite the many obstacles which have been placed on the way to challenge your expectations.   When the Spirit speaks to your heart, and lets you know that the Father, through Jesus has already answered your prayer, then you need to believe this as if your life depended on it.   Do not instead try to protect your pride by saying that it was not God‘s will for your request to take place.

16. My dearest Missionary Servants, Jesus’ word to the early Apostles was true in their time.   When Peter offered healing to the handicapped man at the temple’s gate, he had no doubt that his prayer would be answered.   Peter did not ask if it was God’s will, because charity demanded that Peter give what he had to those who had not, inasmuch as this is always God’s will.   The Holy Spirit confirms your faith, so that your faith becomes knowledge of things not seen but believed.

17. My dearest Missionary Servants, is it not time to trust in your Father’s love for you and for His creation?   He loves, and it is because of love that the Father created you and Me.   When it became necessary to redeem you, the Father did not hesitate to permit the shedding of His Son’s most precious Blood.   Jesus was My child too, just as you are all My children.   I nurtured Him when this was needed and I nurture you now, because today you need Me by your side.

18. My dearest Missionary Servants, I experience the suffering a mother feels within every fiber of her being at the pain of her dying son.   Every one of you are My beloved children.   In heaven, your love becomes perfect even as your heavenly Father’s love is perfect.   God has made it possible for the saints among you to love in the same perfect manner, so that no one, not even the most hateful sinner, may be deprived of the Mother’s love.

19. My dearest Missionary Servants, just as I am full of Grace, so too I am full of love and compassion for all of God’s children.   Since I am not Divine, everything I lack I draw from the Sacred Heart of My Son, who has established His dwelling place within the Immaculate Heart of His heavenly Mother.   This is the Heart that Jesus created in time, and for time.   You are called to live the life of your Mother in heaven as if you were already in heaven.   There is no way to meet Jesus, except by experiencing His love for those He has created.

20. My dearest Missionary Servants, the word love is used very casually these days, and unfortunately for many among you its true meaning has diminished.   However, love is the most potent medicine for all the ills of your time.   Love can become a cure all, when it is generated by the Holy Spirit living within your heart.   Love that is real is powerful enough to return your world to its former glory.   When you believe firmly, as Jesus is calling you to believe, then, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the world will be completely transformed for you.

21. My dearest Missionary Servants, thank you for responding to My love and to the love of Jesus for you.   Shalom.   Shalom.   Shalom."

Excerpts from 05/08/05 => http://www.ourladyofallgraces.org/olmessages.php

Alix began receiving messages from the Lord in the mid 1970's. Throughout the 1980's Alix received a series of messages from the Lord. The theme is that we are all 'Jerusalem': the Temple of the Lord that needs to be rebuilt. Since August 2001 Alix has received weekly messages, mostly from Our Lady, but occasionally from Our Lord as well. (in Honesdale, Pennsylvannia)

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