† Go Now And Call This Request: My Call To Jesus

May 14th, 2012 @ 06:00 pm - My dearest beloved daughter, your gift to Me is accepted and as a result will save a further 5 million souls. It is My dearest wish to bring an end to your suffering but this precious gift you bring Me will now mean I can save more of God’s children. Never forget that this mission is to save mankind from Hell. I need your help and the help of others to do this. Never feel alone for I love you and am with you the entire time. So many more of God’s children are beginning to hear My Voice at last. The work of the Holy Spirit will bear fruit and very soon the love of God will be felt in the hearts of even the most barren. Those lost, empty and barren souls will feel a flame of Love and witness a familiar yearning to be part of My New Kingdom on earth. Many will not understand why but they will be unable to deny their feelings of warmth, love and peace. So many will be surprised and will want to speak with Me. You must now unite people everywhere to request the gift of My Love. They must ask for special favours to be granted. You, My daughter, must designate one day a week to this. Each lost soul must ask Me to help them. If their request is according to My Holy Will then I will answer their prayers. This will instill in them a stronger link to My Sacred Heart and My Great Mercy. Go now and call this request “My Call to Jesus”. My daughter do this as soon as you can, as I wish to ensure that those souls, especially those who do not accept that, speak now. They will finally realise how close I am to each single soul. Tell them that I love everyone and don’t exclude one single sinner no matter how grevious their sin. All I ask is for them to come to Me and ask Me to help them.
Your Jesus


These divine messages are received by a married woman and mother of a young family in Europe. For her family's privacy, she is simply known as 'Maria Divine Mercy'... There will be a global mystical event, which is expected to take place shortly. It will be experienced by everyone in the world over the age of 7 years, where people will be given clear proof of the existence of God, which Our Lord Jesus Christ refers to as The Warning / the Illumination of Conscience / the Great Act of Mercy / the mini-Judgment, and several other terms. She says this is related to the time which precedes the Second Coming of Christ. She has no idea when the Second Coming takes place, nor will she ever be given a date.
ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
May 16, 2012