† My Friendship With You

The Lord:
1) I love mankind so much that I created the sky for him. That could have been enough, but I wanted to adorn it with stars, filling it with beauty so that his eyes could enjoy even more the works of his Creator. I made the earth and I adorn it with so many plants and flowers so that no created thing might go without ornament.

2) What is the benefit of gaining the whole world, if you lose your soul? Without Me, who will free you from so many dangers? Who will console you in your sufferings and bitterness?… Reflect on friendship. Friendship is a requirement of the human heart. I who formed you in My image and likeness, have planted in the middle of your heart the need to search for another heart that thinks like you and loves you and may be loved by you. That is the Mystery of the Trinity; one in essence and triune in persons. And this is the mystery of every human soul. Nobody is sufficient in himself; everybody needs other people for the thousand demands of the body and for the thousand longings of the soul.

3) Of all the friends that you have had, have you found a true one who gathers all of the following qualities: one who is prudent, kind, nice, powerful, compassionate, self-sacrificing, unselfish, generous, patient and faithful, with an unbreakable fidelity? Where you can find strength, comfort, light, loyalty, sincerity and eternal love?

4) The flickering of the lamp on the altar, with its intense brightness, shows you where your friend lives, the Friend who loves to make you happy… I am in the tabernacle… Only I can lead the vessels of your hearts to the port of the eternal happiness…

5) For this reason I stay day and night with you, in your cities, in your towns, close to your homes. Your spirit, like the one of Tobias, needs a secure guide, a faithful companion, a friend to share the pains and the happiness of life. It was not enough for Me to be with you only during the moments that the mass lasts, but I wanted to stay as your Friend every minute of the day and of the night.

6) My goodness extends to all the miseries of humanity: I feed the multitudes; I bless the children; I give comfort to those that mourn; I pardon the sinners; and I caress the 'lepers', cleaning them of that horrible illness.

7) My patience receives all of you, receives at every hour, listens to all the problems of the heart and never is in a hurry to let you go. My patience is generous: “nobody has a greater love than the one who gives his life for his friends” and I have given Mine. To love you cost Me a poor and persecuted life, scourgings, blows and death.

8) My generosity gives you My body as food; it gives you My blood as drink. It gives you My Father as your Father; it gives you My Mother as your Mother, and My house as your eternal inheritance together with My divine family.

9) In the manger I am your brother; on the altar I am your bread of life; on Calvary I am your rescuer and in Heaven, your reward.

10) As immortal King of the centuries and Supreme Lord of everything that exists, My power is made available for mankind’s disposal; it is enough only to ask for it lovingly.

11) My compassion always pardons. Every sin of yours is an infidelity; it should break the friendship. I hide it and I pardon all who ask for pardon. Nevertheless, it takes you more time to come to Me than for Me to grant you pardon. It is so difficult for you to say: Pardon me, Lord!

12) My fidelity is as eternal as I.

13) Approach the tabernacle; ask Me to teach you to converse with Me, to love Me as My saints did. Write My Name in your hearts as that of your best friend, and I will also write your names as Friend...in the book of eternal life…

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On September 8, 1993, Catalina Rivas of Bolivia was painting roses on a blanket and thinking of a trip that she wanted to take with her mother, when all of a sudden she felt that her heartbeat began to accelerate, and she had the impression of hearing a woman’s sweet voice that said to her: “Do not fear; we will be together many days… My Maternal love will accompany you always.” In the years that followed, Catalina received hundreds of messages from the Blessed Mother and from Jesus.
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May 17, 2012