† This Second Coming Began At...

Jesus of Nazareth said:  "In His Second Coming, the Christ will be like lightning striking in the east and flashing into the west, in a time shorter than the blinking of an eye.   Now this second coming began at the moment of My Resurrection.   It will culminate in the apparition of the Christ Judge to all the risen.   But before that, how many times I will appear to convert, to cure, to console, to teach...  I have appeared to children and to adults, on the same day, in places so distant from one another...  That is, that from now on I shall be east and west, north and south, wherever I think it is just that I should be, without anything preventing Me from doing so, and as fast as lightning flashing across the sky...  Those who believe, will continue to believe, with greater peace...  Those who did not believe with true faith will remain doubtful, and the wicked will say that My apparitions are frenzy and falsehood.

From Jesus to Maria Valtorta, in The Poem of the Man-God, Volume 5, pg. 834-836

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May 19, 2012