† He Wants Conversion Urgently

9th May 2012, Borg in-Nadur - My children, today I am very pleased with your presence here on this hill of Borg in-Nadur.   Yet, my children, on the inside, my heart is sad.   My heart is hurt because of those who used to come here and now have let it go and no longer come here.

My children, I am coming here purposely for you.   My Son Jesus wants conversion.   He wants conversion urgently.   This is why He is sending me here.   He is sending me to roam the streets because of you.   Come to me, my children.   Come to me, so that I may bring you to my Son Jesus.   I tell you once again: my heart is deeply saddened.

Indeed, my children, the stones will weep once again.   The stones will weep again.

Do not allow satan to distract you.   Do not let him to confuse you.   Pay heed to the messages, my children.   Pay heed to them and live them out within your families.

Come close!   Come to the Church.   Come to the sacraments.   My children and my own little children, be faithful to your spiritual shepherds.   Submit to their word.

I repeat: come to the sacraments.   And bring others to the sacraments.

Thank you for having listened to my call.

From => The Apparitions of Our Lady of Borg in-Nadur to Angelik:

ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
May 21, 2012