† Be Then A Joyful People

The Blessed Mother’s Words:  "My dear little children, Alleluia!   Christ is risen!   You are celebrating the season of Easter, the season of hope and of joy, a season filled with the goodness of God’s merciful love . . . of His greatest gift.   Dear ones, what a joyful time it is for the Church.   What a time of celebration, for passing through the Passion you came upon Easter morning and as the first disciples discovered, you found Christ risen in your churches . . . in your homes . . . in your hearts.

Dear ones, what a joyful time in heaven, to remember the great gift of God . . . a tremendous gift, the greatest gift . . . the Resurrection that gave to us the promise of eternal life.   Without His Resurrection there would be no life for us, for He died that we might have life abundantly.   We who are in heaven, who share in His glory . . . the glory that God promised from age to age, from Abraham to a humble maiden in a small town many years ago, to you . . . that glory that became alive on Easter lives with you.   Dear ones, be then a joyful people, for God created you to be joyful.   If you do not have joy in your hearts . . . if you do not see the Resurrection in your lives, in your faith, in the service that you offer to others . . . if you do not begin to live life anew, how can others see Christ in you?

Dear ones, truly as it was those many years ago, Christ is alive and walks among you.   But as many of His followers could not see and then did not believe, much of the world is living in a state where they do not see that Christ lives, nor do they believe that there is a God of hope and mercy . . . a God of justice and strength . . . a God of love and joy who has given them such a precious gift.   Much of the world is still living the Passion.   Much of the world is lost in the desert.   Much of the world is seeking Christ and cannot find him, for there are few who will truly bring Him into this world, (He) living through them.

Dear ones, you, as the first apostles, have been told the good news . . . He lives!   He is with you!   You have the choice, for you, as they in those first days, cannot see Him with your eyes . . . you cannot feel Him with your hands . . . you cannot hear His voice . . . and yet you must decide if you believe His words are true.   If you believe then you must understand that when He said,  "Lo, I am with you even until the ends of time,"  that was truth . . . spoken from the master of truth . . . and that truly, as real as He was in the room in which He appeared,   He is real among you.

He is with you.   He is with you in body and blood, in soul and divinity, in His humanity and His divinity perfected beyond all things, for He was truly and will always be God made man . . . the Godhead and the humble servant.   He lives!   He is with you.   I come to tell you this good news, to remind you of this, for what a joyful season it is.   And how can you not have you in your hearts when reflecting on this?

Dear ones, dear precious children, I am your mother. I come to you to encourage you, to teach you, to show you the way to Christ.   I tell you now, look to Him in the most precious of gifts.   Look to Him through His Passion, through the gift of His own body, through His death and into His resurrection.   Look to Him in glory, for He is there.   He waits to come into your hearts, into your lives, into your homes anew.   He waits to resurrect your families, to renew your marriages, to renew your parenting, to renew your friendships, to renew every vocation that you have taken into your lives, that all may become a glory for Him.

He waits to heal you.   As God healed His broken body and made it whole again, made it new, so too does Christ desire to transfigure you both in body and in spirit.   He waits for you.   He waits to direct you as He directed His first apostles to go among all nations and make disciples there in.   He waits for you, to whisper His will into your hearts, to teach you the way to love as He loved, to teach you the way to come to Him in eternal joy.

Find Him in your lives, dear ones, for He is with you . . . He lives.   What a joyful thing!   What a joyful day! May the peace of Christ who is our risen Lord be with you now and always.

Excerpt from 04/22/03 @ => http://www.heavenlygrace.org/

In November 2004, the public messages to this prayer group concluded, except for an annual message. The Blessed Mother had accomplished the task given to her by God. The prayer group continues to meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month, confident that while our Blessed Mother’s voice is silent, she is ever present as our advocate and intercessor.

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May 22, 2012