† My Title Is Charity

The Lord:

2) The crimes of humanity are immense and they call for the deserved punishment.   Still My love is stronger than My justice.   If the world wants to be saved, human beings must learn to love themselves by loving their souls and for that there is nothing better than the bread of life that I give them.

3) I will pour My Spirit upon them and they will know that I always come where they do not expect Me…  If the sterile tree is recognized by its withered branches that do not produce fruit, the healthy tree is recognized by its fruits.   He who does not want to see, does not see and he who does not want to hear, does not hear.   But, when he waits for the light, the darkness is not to be feared…  I want the power of attraction of My love in you to flow out upon this world.   I need strong beings, defenders of the faith, which is threatened today and destroyed by much thoughtlessness.

4) ...Woe to those responsible for the chaos in which souls struggle and perish…!   (Comfort me, love me…!)

5) They have inserted mistake, hypocrisy and lies through false doors into My Holy Church, sowing doubt about the true faith. How far will the recklessness of mankind advance?   The day is coming in which the weeds must be pulled out so that they cannot advance and choke the symbol of fidelity that still maintains itself unalterable.

6) Obedience is the restraint upon disorder, and disorder is such that it can only be overcome with obedience at any price.   My will is not the same for everyone and it gives to each one that for which it is called.   The language of love would be understood by all if the spirit of contrariness, of meanness, would not come to obscure the harmony of its diversity in everyone.   Thus, to express judgment about sensitive things is to admit your limits.   To love immensely makes it easy to know My will...

8) I Myself will guide this Apostolate.   The instruments advance when the Master uses them.   You, think of your mission; you need to accept the renunciation, the sacrifices and the wounds.   You need a lot of courage and even more love!   I want you available so that I can act through you each moment!

9) (Catalina: "Lord, I am unworthy;  they will not believe in me…)

10) You will say:  "I Jesus was found by those who were not looking for Me.   I allowed them to see Me, those who were not asking for Me…"

11) (Catalina: "I do not understand these words between quotation marks;  I am scared, Lord…)

12) Others will understand.

13) Say what I inspire you to say without fear, for it is not you who is talking.   I am with you.   I only ask you to proclaim My desire that souls come to look for the Bread of life, for the truth that I want to give them, because when they really look for it, they will cry and will groan when they could not [earlier] find it.

14) What some do not give Me, I acquire from others and I multiply in them a hundred times the graces of the ones who reject Me.   In that way I receive more love and glory.   And when I observe that the creature cannot give more, despite her good will, I lead her toward My love in which she encounters the virtue to multiply an act for all those whom she loves, and in that way she gives Me the glory, the love and the honor which others do not give Me.

15) A man builds his capital in Heaven with all that he does for Me on earth.   Do you not know that My yoke is sweet for those who love Me?   Can it be hard when it is soft and smooth?   Can something perhaps be bitter, when it is sweet?

16) I am the All.   I am your happiness and I should be, not only when I speak to you but also when I tell you to speak on My behalf…  This is the hour for Me to speak, but the hour is close in which all of you will have to speak to Me.

From ARK103 in => http://youshallbelieve.com/Eng-ARK-Lg.pdf

On September 8, 1993, Catalina Rivas of Bolivia was painting roses on a blanket and thinking of a trip that she wanted to take with her mother, when all of a sudden she felt that her heartbeat began to accelerate, and she had the impression of hearing a woman’s sweet voice that said to her: "Do not fear; we will be together many days… My Maternal love will accompany you always." In the years that followed, Catalina received hundreds of messages from the Blessed Mother and from Jesus.

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May 22, 2012