† Then It Is Not Worthwhile Being Of God

Jesus to His Apostles:  "You know that the world does not know how to love.   But from now on you are to love the world with a supernatural love, to teach it how to love.   And if seeing you persecuted, they should say to you:  "Is that how God loves you?   Making you suffer, grieving you?   Then it is not worthwhile being of God."

Then reply: "Sorrow does not come from God.   But God allows it, and we know the reason and we are proud of having the part that Jesus Saviour, the Son of God, had."

Reply also: "We are proud of being nailed to the cross and of continuing the Passion of our Jesus."

Reply with the words of Wisdom: "Death and sorrow were brought into the world by the envy of the demon, but God is not the maker of death and sorrow and He does not take delight in the sorrow of creatures.   Everything coming from Him is life and wholesome."

Reply: "At present we seem persecuted and defeated, but on the day of God, when lots have changed, we just people, who were persecuted on the Earth, will stand gloriously in front of those who oppressed and despised us."

But also say to them: "Come to us!   Come to the Life and Peace.   Our Lord does not want your ruin, but your salvation.   That is why He sent His beloeved Son, so that you all might be saved."

And rejoice at taking part in My sufferings, so that later you may be in the glory with Me.   "I shall be your exceedingly great reward"  the Lord in Abraham promised all His faithful servants.   You know how the Kingdom of Heaven is conquered: by strength, and one arrives there through many tribulations.   But he who perseveres as I persevered will be where I am.   I have told you which is the way and which is the door that lead to the Kingdom of Heaven, and I was the first to walk along it and I have gone back to the Father by it.   If there had been another one, I would have taught you it.

From Jesus to Maria Valtorta, in The Poem of the Man-God, Volume 5, pg. 873-874

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May 23, 2012