† So That True Peace May Return To This Land

2. Dear child, the willingness of the people to stop aborting babies in the womb is the only way for true peace to return to America.   Therefore, if the children who say that I am their heavenly Mother fail to pray, pray and pray for the unborn (their little brothers and sisters in the making) then all powers given to Your Lady of All Graces to generate a life-giving-spirit of peace for the world will return to the Father in heaven.

3. Dear child, call the people to pray and make many sacrifices because if the people fail to pray, it is God, the Almighty who will punish and avenge the sins of the callous, who have no regard for the blessing and sacredness of life...

5. Dearest children of America, you are citizens of a nation that was founded on the belief that God is supreme.   Your forefathers placed this blessed nation under God.   This is an act that was very pleasing to your Father in heaven.   You have known how in the midst of many unfortunate difficulties, this nation prospered to become a great blessing to many other needy nations in the world.

6. Dearest children of America, this blessing awakened much jealousy among those who received your help and hated you for it.   Despite this hatred for America, no one could place you under their authority to enslave you.   You have been a free nation dedicated to help spread freedom, so that other nations could live as dignified and free children of God.

7. Dearest children of America, you have not followed in good faith the precepts your forefathers established for you.   Because of your lack of faith in God and your disrespect for LIFE, children growing in the womb of their mothers are being butchered.   This is the worst crime ever perpetrated in the history of creation.   Because of this inhuman aberration, which clearly shows your lack of love for neighbors, innocent babies in the womb are not given a chance to survive the atrocities of being aborted...

12. Dearest children of America, the gift that is being offered to you is for peace to return to the world.   You accept this gift when you pray, pray and pray that the words of your Lady of All Graces be permitted to reach hearts everywhere.   Politics as usual must give way to love because the faith that generates life must be permitted to flourish and blossom with God’s blessing for all humanity...

14. Dearest children of America, it is not the prerogative of people to determine for themselves where true power lies.   God who created the world in six days, rested on the seventh day.   He placed all that was created under human control.   He is also the Lord, your God, who dictates what is good and what is bad.   You are given the free will to choose life or death.   Those who want peace need to pray for the President of the United States of America to act according to God’s guidance, so that true peace may return to this land.   Prayers and the end of abortion will open the way for prosperity and a favorable atmosphere for true and lasting peace to prevail.   This prosperity will not only fulfill God’s promise to bless His people, but will extend this blessing to every corner of the earth.

15. Dearest children of America, you are to love and praise God, who forever loves all people and calls all people to love one another as Jesus commanded.   Therefore, love and adore the Lord God, the Most Holy Creator of heaven and earth and you will generate blessing upon blessing for all people everywhere.

16. Thank you, dearest children for responding to My love and to the love of Jesus for all children of the earth, born and unborn.   Shalom.   Shalom.   Shalom.

Excerpts from 08/27/07 => http://www.ourladyofallgraces.org/olmessages.php

Alix began receiving messages from the Lord in the mid 1970's. Throughout the 1980's Alix received a series of messages from the Lord. The theme is that we are all 'Jerusalem': the Temple of the Lord that needs to be rebuilt. Since August 2001 Alix has received weekly messages, mostly from Our Lady, but occasionally from Our Lord as well. (in Honesdale, Pennsylvannia)

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May 24, 2012