† 348. A Call To Arms

Jun 22nd, 2012 - Mary: "...I have spoken time and again, at Fatima, Kibeho, Medjugorje, Akita and so many other places.   I have spoken to so many and in so many ways.   To the children at Fatima by visions and to Fr. Gobbi by locutions.   A whole body of literature, filled with my teachings, has sprung up in the Church.   Why this rapid spread of my word?   Cannot the Church piece things together?   How many signs are given so clearly!   I will not abandon my Church.   I will not abandon my children.   I will not abandon the world that tries to call upon me...

I will increase my words.   I will always help you, but you must turn to me.   Yes, run to the Woman Clothed With the Sun, the Woman to whom the Father has given cosmic powers.   Do not say that I work only within hearts...  My help will come to those who ask.   First, I must place faith in hearts, so people say "Mary can help us".   Second, I must place fidelity.   They must cry out night and day.   Third, I must place universality.   All must call on me.   I want no one sitting on the sidelines with their arms folded say "I’ll wait and see".

When will the churches be filled – day and night?   What needs to happen so the Church gets the message?   I speak to the Church because, at least, you give me a hearing.

Pastors, come before me with your people.   Forsake your other tasks.   They bear little fruit which is quickly swept away.   Call an assembly.   Come before me with hearts lifted up.   I want a praying Church, an adoring Church.   I want a Church on its knees and filled with repentance for all the sins of the world.   If I get that kind of Church, I will work miracles in your sight.


From the source: "...For many years, I, Monsignor Esseff, have been director for a special soul. Five years ago, Jesus and Mary began to speak to this soul through locutions. These locutions now total over 800 messages. I have discerned the validity of these locutions. Beginning on December 10, 2010, a new phase began, namely, some locutions were to be told to the whole world...

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Aug 18, 2012