† 349. The Promises Of The Woman

Jun 23rd, 2012 - Mary: "This is not the time for part-time disciples, or for timid believers.  I will be with them totally but they must be with me totally.   There are no vacations.  This is an all out (spiritual) war and it has already begun but my Church has not sounded the trumpet or called to arms.

I am ready to lead.   When is the Church ready to follow?   I will set out shortly even if my army is small.   If my Pope does not blow the trumpet, I will blow it for him.


From the source: "...For many years, I, Monsignor Esseff, have been director for a special soul. Five years ago, Jesus and Mary began to speak to this soul through locutions. These locutions now total over 800 messages. I have discerned the validity of these locutions. Beginning on December 10, 2010, a new phase began, namely, some locutions were to be told to the whole world...

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Aug 19, 2012