† Chastity And Virginity

The Lord: "My little girl, let us talk about chastity. You should know that virginity and celibacy for the love of the Kingdom of Heaven has its roots in the Father’s love that has been manifested in Me. I want to be loved chastely. For the celibate, this means for the love of the Kingdom of Heaven. For Christian spouses, this means that I may be truly loved and that I am not only sought for personal interest. This is to say that love is chaste in the full sense of the word, if it springs from My Heart. The charisma of celibacy can only shine where Christians have the strength to love wholesomely the unloved, the outcasts and the weakest. Just as evangelical poverty demands not only that you free your heart to make room for My love, to put it completely at My disposal, this charisma means above all: that you feel so steeped in My love, that you are capable of renouncing a large part or all of your human nature to discover the greatest wealth of gratitude. From this same charisma also flows the intelligence and the art of knowing how to offer your neighbor, not only objects or services, but primarily, that which is most precious: an ardent, sincere love, that values services and gifts because the fire of My love burns within those souls who seek Me. That indefinable love, which teaches and inspires internally, comes to be the only love that speaks externally. When you [Catalina] pray silently and contemplate My words of love, your soul is suspended in the abyss of love. There you immerse yourself in My Mercy, in My Heart, in My wounds… I teach all of you internally; I seek a pure place on which to rest My head and there I lie down to wait for you to look for Me with fire in your hearts, to look for the truth of My love. My teachings never cease; I am a God that teaches and My love will never perish.

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These messages were originally dictated in Spanish through inner locutions from Jesus and Mary to Catalina Rivas of Bolivia, who recorded them by hand in notebooks. This book: "THE DOOR TO HEAVEN" presents a teaching for Man, about his weaknesses, limits and reach.
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