† Money Will Be Utterly Useless

Jesus: "With My Holy Word, I will go on with those who know how to take advantage of it, because they are able to understand the Identity, the Might and the Truth of My Word.

The time is near when money, the principle of power, will be utterly useless.

In these days, all consideration is derived from money.   No one would dare try to live without it yet.   What about the memory of those pioneers of yours, Mother Teresa, l'Abbé Pierre and so many men and women who went to all those lands of desolation, to learn how to live from the tilling of the earth, that never ceased giving its fruit (until the terrible moment when man changed the whole system of life on the entire planet).   None of those men and women who helped God's poor, have stopped working, and up to their last day, to help the poorest by staying close to them and taking care of them.

Each Elect will give to God even his own person, if not, he will have given nothing.   God will never ask for money, nor material things.   His Charity, is still Love.   And Love, He wants to find it in His child who has become pure through His Holy Grace.

Do you believe that your prayers are being answered, and do you believe that you are saved with all the requests and prayers of people who do not believe in My Love Plan nor in My Holy Return?

On 09/10/08, The Word through a Book of the End Times:
(This book is currently not available online)
Old link was -> http://www.scribd.com/doc/12984761/Book-of-End-Times-of-Jesus-Christ-to-the-little-souls-JNSR

In 1980 Fernande Navarro was given the mission to write down the words of Heaven that the Lord gives to her. Despite sickness, the mission goes forth to spread the words from Heaven, to save the children of earth. The project produced ten volumes. To keep her in humility, Jesus gives Fernande the name: Je Ne Suis Rien (JNSR) meaning: "I am nothing."    It is under this name that she is now the messenger of God.

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Sep 5, 2012