† Begin By Saving The Poor!

JESUS: "In order to save your countries, begin by saving the poor!   Save all the unfortunate and God will save you!   I will help you.   Share in a fair manner.

The voice of reason will come from the humble people, and not from the great ones.

Salvation is in your reach.   Why do you not speak to "ME?"    For GOD alone holds the solution, it is inscribed in His Heart: "LOVE - SHARING".   Share with everyone, everything is for all and for each one.

Pray, pray, pray, and you will see Me.   You will see that the earth is a whole body of those who believe in LOVE.   One Only God for all, and all for every brother in God (everything can be shared in love), for I keep you within ME.

Know that in the earth, I deposited whatever everyone is looking for, as everything is intended for each one, no one can take away from anyone, for the other has as much as the one, (this, you have forgotten), no more, no less.   It is not the coffers that you must fill to the brim.   They throw up your indigestible money.   Give all that money to those who need it to feed themselves, to get medical care, to find shelter.   And God will give you His Peace and His Bread.

On 10/12/08, The Word through a Book of the End Times:
(This book is currently not available online)
Old link was -> http://www.scribd.com/doc/12984761/Book-of-End-Times-of-Jesus-Christ-to-the-little-souls-JNSR

In 1980 Fernande Navarro was given the mission to write down the words of Heaven that the Lord gives to her. Despite sickness, the mission goes forth to spread the words from Heaven, to save the children of earth. The project produced ten volumes. To keep her in humility, Jesus gives Fernande the name: Je Ne Suis Rien (JNSR) meaning: "I am nothing."     It is under this name that she is now the messenger of God.

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Sep 7, 2012