† What Will Happen To Them, If You Do Not Pray?

Judith 4:13 - The Lord heard their cry and had regard for their distress.   For the people observed a fast of many days’ duration throughout Judea, and before the sanctuary of the Lord Almighty in Jerusalem.

"My children am I deaf to your cry?   I tell you I am not!   Pour out your hearts to Me with contrite spirit and with fasting.   I tell you this kind of faith and trust in Me can move mountains.   But discern in the Spirit what you pray for.   Many prayers reach Me that do not please Me.   I hunger and thirst for souls— make this your most fervent plea.   If you did this you would find that grace up on grace would be heaped upon you.   So many souls are in grave danger.   What will happen to those who die suddenly, if you do not pray for them?   On the day of judgment you will know the full impact of your prayers and you will see the souls that might have been saved if you had prayed for them.   Children, do not allow that this should happen!   Apply yourselves to pray and offer sacrifice for souls.   The repercussions will be felt both in time and in eternity."

Posted: September 9th, 2012

In 1997, Pelianito, a middle-aged married woman with grown children, had a very profound experience of the Lord. Since then she has felt the Lord speaking to her heart, and recorded the words in her journal. Her heart burned to share these words with others, and in 2003 she started an online mailout, which lead to this blog.

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Sep 11, 2012