† God's S.o.s.

JESUS: "Tell the world - wherever you are from - wherever you are - that it is getting late.   The world has arrived at the boundary chosen by GOD, to give you the Warning that "the chasm is totally open".   Do not rush headlong......any more.   Stop and listen to Me.   It is in your power to save all your brothers and yourselves by informing them...   The evil one is active around the globe - playing his last card against GOD.   He seeks the loss of all humanity.   That is his final contract.   JESUS-Christ is shouting His last call to you against Evil.   It is GOD's S.O.S., as He does not want to lose any of His children.

On 10/15/08, The Word through a Book of the End Times:
(This book was not available online)
Old link was -> http://www.scribd.com/doc/12984761/Book-of-End-Times-of-Jesus-Christ-to-the-little-souls-JNSR

In 1980 Fernande Navarro was given the mission to write down the words of Heaven that the Lord gives to her. Despite sickness, the mission goes forth to spread the words from Heaven, to save the children of earth. The project produced ten volumes. To keep her in humility, Jesus gives Fernande the name: Je Ne Suis Rien (JNSR) meaning: "I am nothing."     It is under this name that she is now the messenger of God.

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Sep 23, 2012