† The Time Of My Son Merges With Your Time

September 20th, 2012 @ 06:25 pm - My dearest daughter, how I long to hold My dear children close to Me so I can show them how much they are loved.  So many children are there of Mine, scattered throughout the world, yet so few know their Father.   Their Creator.   For those who do not know Me they must be told that I will not forsake them.   I will rise against the evil forces and the king of lies, the beast, and wipe this terrible scourge out of existence.   Only when the scales of wickedness have been pulled back can My children see the Truth.

Children do not worry because your prayers are touching My Heart and. through your requests, I will salvage many of My children who are in the dark.   My mission to send My Beloved Son, to claim My Kingdom, is well established now, although many may not be aware of this.   The time of My son is being merged with your time children and soon all will become one.   The time for the New Paradise has been fixed and all has been laid down for My children’s new home, the new world.

I call to you from Heaven to urge you to trust in My Son, His great Mercy and His promise to fulfil this covenant.   Surrender any doubts which may linger as they are blocking you from seeking true peace.   They block My Graces which I want to pour over you to protect you from the last remaining period when satan controls the earth.   his time is about to end.   Then the new beginning will evolve.

I await, with love, the return of My children into My Kingdom, the Kingdom of the New Paradise.   It is what was meant to be.   I love you.   Trust in My Son and await My Call.

Your Father, God the Most High


These divine messages are received by a married woman and mother of a young family in Europe. For her family's privacy, she is simply known as 'Maria Divine Mercy'... There will be a global mystical event, which is expected to take place shortly. It will be experienced by everyone in the world over the age of 7 years, where people will be given clear proof of the existence of God, which Our Lord Jesus Christ refers to as The Warning / the Illumination of Conscience / the Great Act of Mercy / the mini-Judgment, and several other terms. She says this is related to the time which precedes the Second Coming of Christ. She has no idea when the Second Coming takes place, nor will she ever be given a date.

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46-50, M
Sep 24, 2012