† No Cyclone Without A Reason

John repeats what Jesus taught: "First God made the elements.   Because they are necessary, although at times they seem to be harmful.   But always remember this:  there is no small drop of dew, no matter how small it be, which does not have a good reason for existing,  there is no insect, however small and insignificant it may be, which does not have its good reason for being.   And likewise there is no monstruous mountain vomiting from its bowels fire and incandescent lapilli, which does not have its good reason for existing.   And there is no cyclone without a reason.   And passing from things to people, there is no event, no tear, no joy, no birth, death, no sterility and prolific maternity, no long marriage life or early widowhood, no misfortune of calamities and diseases, or prosperity of wealth and health, which does not have its good reason for being,  even if it does not appear as such to the short-sightedness and pride of men, who see and judge through the cataracts and fogs typical of imperfect things.   But the Eye of God, the infinite Thought of God, sees and knows.   The secret of living free from sterile doubts, which irritate, exhaust and poison the days on the earth, is to believe that God does everything for a good intelligent reason, that God does what He does for love, not for the stolid intention of tormenting for the sake of tormenting.

This is from the Poem of the Man-God
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Dec 8, 2012