† You Will Realize At Last That I Am

JESUS says: "What is this mystery that has all your answers - that will console your anguish from your birth until My future Advent, which is already in you,... until My Advent on your Earth when all eyes will see Me, because everyone will then understand that I AM returning, since it is for Me also, My duty as the One Unique SON of GOD, (begotten of the Father before all the Centuries), will be accomplished upon My Return in glory, because you will realize at last with ME, that I AM from the Father.   I come in His Most Holy NAME.

On 12/03/08, The Word of God through:

In 1980 Fernande Navarro was given the mission to write down the words of Heaven that the Lord gives to her. Despite sickness, the mission goes forth to spread the words from Heaven, to save the children of earth. The project produced ten volumes. To keep her in humility, Jesus gives Fernande the name: Je Ne Suis Rien (JNSR) meaning: "I am nothing." It is under this name that she is now the messenger of God.

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Dec 8, 2012