† What Is Your Purpose?

My son, ponder these words... I am a God of humility.   It is My humility which has brought about your salvation.   My desire is for all to be saved.   I will go to whatever lengths, to save a soul.   The loss of one soul to hell, causes much sorrow and grief in My sacred heart.  For I told you, there is much joy over one sinner who repents...  I will do anything for the salvation of souls.   I will humiliate Myself to great extremes to save My people.   I will sacrifice My honor and glory to save My people and bring My presence to My people.   What will you do for the salvation of souls?...  I receive honor and glory, not from the praise of men, but through the salvation of souls.   For truly I say to you, My Divine purpose is to deliver My people from sin and death and bring them to My Father in heaven.   What is your purpose, you who call on My name?

Excerpts from 07/25/07 message in the "godspeakswillyoulisten" book from Cletus Schefers

In 1956, while Cletus Schefers was looking out the window, he saw the clouds open up. There sat God the Creator, holding a staff in His right hand. Cletus could not talk about it for many, many years. About 1990, God infused the Bible in Cletus little by little, for a number of years. Through Cletus, the Lord has healed people physically and spiritually. All Cletus does is to pray for them.

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46-50, M
Dec 9, 2012