† My Death, My Soul

Jesus says:   "You cannot and must not say:  "I am young, I have time for this and for that, and then I will think about my Master, my death, my soul!"    Young people die like old ones, and strong men like weak ones.   And old and young, strong and weak are equally subjected to the assaults of temptation.   Be careful, because the soul can die before the body and you may unknowingly carry around a putrid soul.   The dying of a soul is so imperceptible!   Like the death of a flower.   Not a cry, not a convulsion… it inclines its flame like a tired corolla, and goes out.   Later, sometimes after a long time, sometimes immediately after, the body realizes it is carrying a verminous corpse within itself, it becomes mad with fear and commits suicide to avoid such union…  Oh! it does not avoid it!...

Do not act in two different ways.   You cannot laugh at God or deceive Him.   Behave with men as you do with God, because an insult to man is an insult to God.   Let God see you as you wish to be seen by men.

Be humble.   You cannot reproach your Master for not being so.   I set the example.   Do as I do.   Be humble, gentle, patient.   That is how the world is conquered.   Not by violence or force.   Be strong and violent against your vices.   Extirpate them, at the cost of breaking your hearts.

This is from the Poem of the Man-God
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Dec 9, 2012