† Responsibility - Begin To Work For Him

The Lord: "1) Beloved daughter, peace be with you... The responsibilities for all of you are enormous and if all of My sons and daughters knew, they would tremble with fear.
2) I need to entrust you with a special mission. I want you to awaken the sense of responsibility in My children. How long will I have to wait for all of you to really begin to work? I give graces, but I take them away from those who do not know how to receive them.
3) I know that everyone has responsibilities, some more than others. But no one is so busy that they cannot find a few hours to talk to others about My love and My Mercy towards mankind. Yet they allow time to pass and each time more souls are lost.
4) I implore; I appeal. All of you pray, ask for forgiveness and then turn back to the same temptation of allowing time to pass and letting My words to go unheeded... There are many, many millions of people who might desire to receive something of what you have had. Among them, there are hundreds of virtuous, generous souls, with a strong apostolate.
5) I am not going to complain anymore, because I hope that all of you can be sufficiently honest to say: Truly, I have received grace, but I am not able or I am not willing, I will not be able to do more than I am doing... That grain of sincerity will have the strength to soften My pain, My disappointment... You cannot imagine how many gifts you are losing through your blindness, through the hardness of your hearts, through your inability to be sensitive in face of so much generosity.
6) My Messages (and stop saying that they are inspirations) are love. Whoever receives them is love. But I am talking about receiving them and living by them, not of receiving them without accepting them with a committed heart and soul. Each one of you doing so in your own particular role in life, but everyone is obliged to love Me and to make Me loved. How much love do I need to compensate for the loss of so many souls?
7) My Children, with humility but with firmness, I say to you that if you are not willing to drink from the Chalice, leave it so that other souls who are thirstier than you may drink of it and enjoy it.
8) You complain of the indifference of your families. Whoever desires the true conversion of their families, do not talk about it; evangelize in silence with your own conversion.
9) Oh, My daughter, I am so tired, so hurt by the indifference of the world. Love Me; make reparation; I need your comfort. Do not make any plans for the day... I want to rest in your desire for souls...
10) (I was thinking of my future work with a very difficult person!)
11) Treat others with mercy, as I do with you... Everyone should be treated with mercy... Help, collaborate, but I have My own plans for you.

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These messages were originally dictated in Spanish through inner locutions from Jesus and Mary to Catalina Rivas of Bolivia, who recorded them by hand in notebooks. This book: "THE DOOR TO HEAVEN" presents a teaching for Man, about his weaknesses, limits and reach.
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