† Men Have Provoked The End Of Earth

JESUS: "My New Earth shall be this Paradise where sin has gone away forever - for it will be that Earth, side by side with My Heaven of Eternal Glory, for this sea of constant instability in this sinful humanity will have disappeared. The heart that takes in My Holy Word, is willing to follow Me, for My choice has made him My place of rest, of relaxation, on which My rest is to share with him My Life and My Confidences. And behold, I AM coming. I AM returning in My Holy Glory, which is That of the Father, with the Spirit, who is with Us, and IS the Spirit of GOD. In this Holy, Most Holy Unity, the entire world will very soon be immersed. For if everything has an END, this world must disappear in Him, who is the ALPHA and the OMEGA. Child, nothing stops you from telling them that men have provoked the END of their Earth, for they all disobeyed GOD, who is the Principle and the END. In these terms - I close this book with what was the Earth of men, greedy for power, and with a pride that wanted to bring GOD down from His Throne, their "Eternal Sovereign", He who is the life of all things.

(ForLove writes: Although it will be the End of the world as we know it, it will not be The End. And it is not a bad thing, but a good thing.)

On 12/06/08, The Word of God through:

In 1980 Fernande Navarro was given the mission to write down the words of Heaven that the Lord gives to her. Despite sickness, the mission goes forth to spread the words from Heaven, to save the children of earth. The project produced ten volumes. To keep her in humility, Jesus gives Fernande the name: Je Ne Suis Rien (JNSR) meaning: "I am nothing." It is under this name that she is now the messenger of God.
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Dec 13, 2012