† Virgin Sight And Thoughts

Jesus says: "Some days ago I told you to watch over your eyes.   But you do not know how to do it.   I tell you: it would be better to become blind by pulling out covetous eyes, rather than become lustful.

Be sincere. I am the Truth: both in sublime and human things.   I want you to be genuine, too.   Why be deceitful with Me, or your brothers, or your neighbor?   Why cheat people?   Proud as you are, why do you not say:  "I do not want people to find out that I am a liar"?

And be sincere with God.   Do you think you can deceive Him with long manifest prayers?   Oh! poor children!   God sees into your hearts!...

A good act is virgin when it is free from any connection with thoughts of pride and praise, or from incentives of pride.

This is from the Poem of the Man-God
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Dec 15, 2012