† Give So That I Can Give To You

The Lord: "My Mother is here, but She can no longer speak to you. She is leaving the places in which She has worked so intensely for Me. It is the decision of the Father and She, as always, makes the Divine Will the love of Her Immaculate Heart.

The negative is the negation of truth; it is the refusal to see the positive. Man, the human being, with his pride, his susceptibility, his faith in his judgments... who do they think they are to doubt what I work in My children? Do they have to be like Thomas in order to prove that what I am doing is the truth?... It is terrible rashness to compete with God! That is how they lose their way, who close their hearts to Love when it knocks on the door... Do not grieve; I know what I am saying...

Do you think that I do not realize what you give Me? However, I give you everything back multiplied a thousandfold, because there is nothing that I would not do for you. I have done everything for the love of you and through you I pour out My Grace over the whole nation; you are the channel through which My love desires to pour out.

Be at peace with the zeal that you feel for the Word of your God. You are not mistaken; I repeat, remain calm. Can you believe that if you might be wrong, I Myself would be wrong? Could that be possible?

The enemy that all of you have to fight is not outside, but inside. It is not necessary to look for the enemy in the neighbor; rather, learn first to know yourselves and then you will obtain a new victory over the enemy. Happy are they who engender the spirit of the Redeemer by being charitable...

I pour out graces, which will translate into countless fruits of love and holiness. Unburden your problems on Me. Make sure that it is only sin that upsets your souls. To the just I open My Heart; to the unbelievers I open My Arms, just as I did yesterday, just as I will do tomorrow; to the rebellious I deliver them to My Justice...

Whoever is unable to change one’s life in accordance with the graces received through My goodness, without any merit on one’s own part, is guilty of a sin against the Spirit.

Little daughter, give so that I can give to you. Do you not see that I give to you, so that you can give to Me? Make an effort,
love of My sorrows. Something of good quality can only be formed with a little of everything: physical, spiritual, internal, moral... You have no idea how many wonderful things I prepare along the way for you, finally together in a work that will glorify My name in the heart of My children.

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These messages were originally dictated in Spanish through inner locutions from Jesus and Mary to Catalina Rivas of Bolivia, who recorded them by hand in notebooks. This book: "THE DOOR TO HEAVEN" presents a teaching for Man, about his weaknesses, limits and reach.
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Dec 16, 2012