† You Are Instruments Of Love and Mercy, P.1

The Lord says: "Do you realize, My son, that you are the instrument through which My Message of Love and Mercy will be recognized?   With the work you have just done and that I have lovingly placed in your hands through this little daughter, you will be capable of stirring the flawed consciences of many of My children...  I have searched for you and have waited for you for a long time.   You are sensitive, loving, and I needed you to fight against indifference.   You are generous and I needed you to fight against selfishness.   You are confident and I needed you to fight against pessimism.   You are a warm soul and I needed you to fight against lukewarmness and cowardliness.   You were very dear to Me.   I delight in filling any apparent emptiness in My way.   If over the last few days your body has been a focus of suffering, your soul has been a radiant focus of My loving presence in you...  Beloved son, I bless your bread; I bless your family; I bless the fire that warms your home. I bless your daily journey, the work for your sustenance and that of other children.   I bless the longings, desires and hopes of your heart in favor of My Glory...  If you love Me in little things, I will love you and fulfill you in the greater ones.   Do not fear to be small at every moment, because sanctification of the just one lies in his humility.   Today I have a special gift: a wonderful plan of life for your evangelical spirit and complete abandonment to My Will...

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These messages were originally dictated in Spanish through inner locutions from Jesus and Mary to Catalina Rivas of Bolivia, who recorded them by hand in notebooks. This book: "THE DOOR TO HEAVEN" presents a teaching for Man, about his weaknesses, limits and reach.

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