† The Blessings, P.1

The Lord says: "I Am; peace be with you;

I have shown you My Omnipotence in many ways; all these years I have not deprived you from My Light nor of My Mercy; all I want from you, My sister, is love; love for love, heart for heart; this is My motto for you;

- may you continue to make progress in the path of unity and that My kiss to you refreshes you anew; allow Me to remind you to be in My field like a lily, free from any anxieties or worries;

- may you progress in the path of unity you share with Me and may it widen even more now for My glory;

- let My Fatherly kiss console your heart and fill your spirit with zeal for My House;

- let every member of yours sweetly repose in My Heart to obtain strength, perseverance and interior delights of well-being;

- may your labours be fruitful and your activities done in My Name, anointed with the oil of the Source of Life;

- may you be beneficial to the distressed hearts and equally good and tender to the worn down;

- let Me remain dearer to you than anyone or anything that exists on this earth so that through this act of resignation I will overlook men's wickedness...

- let Me augment in you so that when your friends watch you, they may see Me instead of yourself, thus becoming the real reason why they love you;

01/18/02 message from our Lord to Vassula Rydén =>

Vassula Rydén who is Greek, born in Egypt, belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church. God approached her back in 1985 while she lived in Bangladesh in a most extraordinary way, to use her as His instrument and charge her with His messages for all mankind. In truth it is a reminder of His Word. In these messages for our times, God is calling us to repentance, reconciliation, peace and unity.

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Jan 6, 2013