† Attracted By Purity

The Blessed Virgin Mary: "My dear child, the seat of the Presence of the Lord in your heart must be Purity.   By this great virtue, the heart must beat only for God; the mind must think only of God, the soul must live only for God.   Purity is the beautiful state of the soul that invokes the Presence of God.   He is attracted by Purity and dwells in the heart of those who fear Him.   My child, how offended God is today when immorality is spread like a cancer destroying souls.   Pray my child for Purity to return.   Pray my child.............. MENSAJE INCOMPLETO

An excerpt from message 619 in:

The messenger is a father of three children in Sydney Australia. He went through a spiritual conversion, and because of God's gifts and because of these messages he received from Heaven: he took the name "Joseph of Jesus and Mary" in thanksgiving to God. The messages are a reminder of the gospels and a tender call to repentance. They are an intimate heavenly wake up call for everyone who reads them.

ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
Jan 6, 2013