† The Blessings, P.2

The Lord says: "I will continue to give Myself more to you so long as you allow My Divine Will to remain in you, relying on It and renouncing your will to Mine;

- may you be blessed for having withdrawn yourself from all that attached you to this world and preferred the Source of Divine Sweetness;

- may your soul be even more motivated now by zeal for the glory of My House...

- may every violent act and hatred coming from man on you be replaced by blessings from Us...

- let every fibre of your heart live for Me giving you enthusiasm to work for Me, and as a slave who claims no wages, you too will never claim any wages but will give heart and soul for the Kingdom of Heaven;

Hear Me, I have created you and placed you on earth only for this noble work; bone of My Bone, flesh of My Flesh, remain united and one spirit with Me...

Without the cooperation of this divine grace I have given you, you would have remained beggared; but now, through divine grace, I have cloistered you entirely in My Heart!   Having thus made you noble after having joined you to Us; filled and illumined by Our sublime Light, We have raised Our Sceptre and marked on you Our Name to serve Our House and address Our poem of Love to the entire world;

I, Jesus, bless you;

01/18/02 message from our Lord to Vassula Rydén =>

Vassula Rydén who is Greek, born in Egypt, belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church. God approached her back in 1985 while she lived in Bangladesh in a most extraordinary way, to use her as His instrument and charge her with His messages for all mankind. In truth it is a reminder of His Word. In these messages for our times, God is calling us to repentance, reconciliation, peace and unity.

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Jan 6, 2013