† You Are Instruments Of Love And Mercy, P.5

The Lord to Catalina and her spiritual partner: "Take to the world the sublime testimony of My love for it.   My presence will become more and more noticeable to both of your humanities, completely inundating you.   It is up to Me to help you, to support you in your work.   Ties contracted in spiritual friendships are indestructible...  Do not lose your Grace, because I want to polish your soul for it to be confirmed in the golden book of My blessed souls.   I promise those who give Me their fidelity, to communicate to them an increasingly higher aspiration towards spiritual life.   I skillfully handle the instruments I choose...  Come into My Heart; take out from it all its anguish with your resolute work and let its flames envelop your spirit uniting it one with Mine.

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These messages were originally dictated in Spanish through inner locutions from Jesus and Mary to Catalina Rivas of Bolivia, who recorded them by hand in notebooks. This book: "THE DOOR TO HEAVEN" presents a teaching for Man, about his weaknesses, limits and reach.

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