† Surround Yourself With Heavenly People

Jesus:   "Again you feel the weight of My cross.   You must not think that because you know weariness or discouragement, that you do not serve Me well.   Indeed, it is often at these times that I count you as the elect.   Be like Peter, who, when asked if he was going to leave Me, replied,  "Lord, You are the one true God.   Where would we go?"    Since your search is over and you have found the one true God, be at peace.   God will not let you go.   You will persevere.   But you must continue to work on trusting Me, your Jesus.   The times you feel discouraged and unable to serve are the times you are depending on yourself.   Dearest little children, we speak to you with such love and hope.   Consider prayer like eating and drinking.   How careful you are to feed your body and care for its whims.   You rest often, so as not to feel physical weariness.   My chosen souls must pay at least this much attention to their souls and often more.   I want you to serve Me in a great way.   That means you must be very small and quiet so your Jesus can speak to you and guide you.   I will care for your temporal needs if you turn them over to Me.   Your world must be changed and My children must work with Me for this to happen.   Often, looking on your world through My eyes, you feel sickened.   That is why I am intervening, children.   You must trust your Jesus.   Read the Gospels.   You will find only love and understanding from Me.   I do not come as a judge, but a merciful friend, who sees your pain and is going to give you relief.   Be a servant of Me, your God, and not the world.   Particularly now, during these times, you must turn your eyes to heavenly goals.   Look around the world now with the eyes of a chosen soul and you will see Me working.   Have faith and surround yourself with heavenly people and conversations.   Speak with joy of your faith and peace.   When you feel the weight of the cross, smile, because it is then that you are most united with Me.

From Volume 1, p.117-> The author, Anne, a mother, began receiving interior locutions from Jesus regarding a renewal of faith in the world. The Bible should be received with genuine faith. In addition, people are free to accept or reject these private revelations.

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