† The End Of Human History Will Come When...

My son, I Am the second Person of the Holy Trinity... I taught My disciples:  "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

My son, when My divine life transforms you into My image and likeness, the fulfillment of My Father’s creation is accomplished.   For My Father created mankind in His image and likeness.   Sins destroys the image and likeness of My Father.   The replication of My divine life into your soul renews or recreates My Father’s image in your soul.   Thus My son, My Father’s kingdom is established in each soul in sanctifying grace.   The soul in sanctifying grace is the replication of My divine life.

Now My son, you begin to understand My Father’s plan.   Each time you interact with another person, you bring My divine life to their soul.   The humility of My will speaks, acts, and thinks through you.   This way My Father’s kingdom is established one soul at a time.   This is one reason why the loss of one soul is so painful for Us, the Holy Trinity.   It is the loss of one of our divine lives for eternity.

The end of human history will come, when the number of divine lives fulfills My Father’s will.   Your world was created for the glory of My Father and the multiplication of our divine lives in our children.   But sin entered the picture and I Jesus Christ was the remedy for sin and the fulfillment of My Father’s plan for His children.   I bring My divine life to My children and My children return to their Father.   When you My child, speak My words in the humility of My will, you will bear much fruit for My kingdom.   But speak in pride and My will is blocked and fruit will be sparse or worse no fruit will be borne at all...

It is humility that allows you to receive My divine will or graces.

Spread these words to My people.   My Father desires to live in and with His children.   The day will come My son, when all creation will bring perfect honor and glory to My Father.   The replication or multiplication of My divine lives will end and I will hand over to My Father His children who are truly made in His image and likeness.   The Our Father prayer will have been fulfilled.   The challenge for you today is to realize each day you can be transformed into My divine image and likeness and bring about the fulfillment of My Father’s kingdom.   It is not by your strength or might, but by My spirit says the Lord.

Excerpts from 08/06/07 message in the "godspeakswillyoulisten" book from Cletus Schefers

In 1956, while Cletus Schefers was looking out the window, he saw the clouds open up. There sat God the Creator, holding a staff in His right hand. Cletus could not talk about it for many, many years. About 1990, God infused the Bible in Cletus little by little, for a number of years. Through Cletus, the Lord has healed people physically and spiritually. All Cletus does is to pray for them.

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46-50, M
Jan 10, 2013