† Go Forth In Me

[The Lord speaks.....] There is a wholeness and completeness in the way I send you forth.   You go in Hope that I complete Myself.   You go in Love, for without It, you have left behind the very thing you must always be willing to bear.   Charity!   Always, Charity!   You share Faith by what you say, but more importantly by who you are, how you are.   Waste no time on My account.   Be who you are to be for Me, precisely where you are.   Perhaps your act of being will speak all the louder when you are gone, and they who have refused will search for what was lost.   Focus not so much on the act of leaving those who would not hear, but be filled with a Hope that all of who you are in Me speaks for its very self.   Direct refusal of Me to a heart who has heard, is a matter of judgment which shall be.....Mine, of the soul who has willingly refused Me.   But for you.....this judgment is Mine.   For you.....it is the act of being in Me, your going forth.....your knowing, that beyond all "odds" in every moment of criticism, I am.   For if YOU are doing My Will, then you are precisely where YOU are to be.

There is a motion in My Heart, and if you are truly filled in Me, you shall go forth in Me.   Where we go and how we are and what we say, shall be your going forth in Me.   Be more concerned that your motion is in Me.

Daughters and sons, hear Me:   You are to be My Hands and My Feet.   I have given you My Word.   But I say now:  Let the first place through which we travel be your own heart; that as we move on, you are truly recognized as My Own.   Amen.

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In March 1994, Laura (aka: Sarah) Zink's heart began to better understand how God so Lovingly speaks to His people. In April 1994 she understood Blessed Mother speaking to her heart. She asked if she could write her words, and Blessed Mother agreed. Our Good God has been permitting such kind communication daily since that date. (in Vermont)

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Jan 10, 2013