† 88th Message Of The Madonna At Ostina

The Madonna appeared at about 5:45 PM.   She was dressed in brown and She said:  "My children, you always want to be at the first place and I ask you to be more humble.   Look around yourselves and you will want to stay at the last place.   Don't think about yourselves but rather about your children and grandchildren.   Think about your future.   Evil, the worst evil, is in every corner of the earth.   Many of you will wonder why I always repeat the same words:   I repeat them because many of you have not understood.

Prayer is headwater"

From the Madonna della Riconciliazione - Ostina

On July 10, 1993, Silvana Orlandi, a housewife and mother of four children in Ostina, was taking a walk with her son. All of a sudden, she saw a small cloud of smoke, and the smoke quickly took the shape of a human body. The image said she would reappear in 5 days with a message... Up to that time, Silvana hadn't been a very religious person, but five days later, she saw the Divine Vision, and received the first message... On August 15 the apparition declared Herself to be the Madonna, and invited everyone to much prayer. The tiny church in Ostina became a Marian site frequented by large crowds of pilgrims.

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Jan 10, 2013