† The Lord Answers Every Prayer

"My dear child; be always alert for the response of God to your prayers so that you can thank Him adequately.   The Lord answers every prayer but not everyone thanks Him for it.   Many times the answer is not direct and because the Lord works in humble ways, His help is ignored and souls lose a lot of extra graces for not being alert and thankful.   Meditate daily on how the Lord is responding your prayers and be very thankful to Him for His generosity.   The greatest gift that you receive is the Holy Spirit that gives you the knowledge to perceive Him and to discern His Will.   Be thankful my child and bless the Lord daily, who cares for you every moment of your life and who responds to all your prayers.


The messenger is a father of three children in Sydney Australia. He went through a spiritual conversion, and because of God's gifts and because of these messages he received from Heaven: he took the name "Joseph of Jesus and Mary" in thanksgiving to God. The messages are a reminder of the gospels and a tender call to repentance. They are an intimate heavenly wake up call for everyone who reads them.
ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
Jan 11, 2013