† Soon You Will Fly Over The Stones

Jesus loves you so... You must not be sad because you need help.   Dear little child of my heart, this is how we bring you to nothing so that Jesus can fill you even more.   We do not judge you when you falter, but rush in to assist you...  You are involved in a process and we are helping.   The more you pray, the more we will be able to move you forward.   Little one, be assured that the only way to your destination is the rocky road.   But soon you will fly over the stones, not feeling the work.   It is only briefly that you struggle so badly.   And always remember that these difficult times pass and you then have an easy time...  Be brave and go about your day with a joyful smile, because you have been chosen to serve Jesus in a beautiful way.

From Volume 1, p.119-> The author, Anne, a mother, began receiving interior locutions from Jesus regarding a renewal of faith in the world. The Bible should be received with genuine faith. In addition, people are free to accept or reject these private revelations.

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Jan 12, 2013