† Never Refuse To Help

The message of Our Dear Mother Mary given to Fr Melvin: "My Son Jesus taught you a beautiful prayer, which you should pray many times a day.   It is the Our Father.   This prayer gives honor to God the Father and asks for His Kingdom to come.   Through this prayer you pray for your food and you ask the Father to forgive you all your sins.   You too therefore are to forgive all those who have offended you in any way.   It is a beautiful and simple prayer, which you must learn and repeat often.   My Son also teaches you that all people are your friends and you should act as a friend to all those in need.   Never refuse to help those who ask for help...

The message of Our Lord, the Son of God, given to Fr Melvin:  "Love one another My brother Melvin and all My brothers and sisters who believe in Me and follow Me...  When a person is injured, sick or depressed, you need to be there to help that person...  You have to help all those in need...  Remember that when you help one person who is in need, you are helping Me.   If you refuse to help that person, then you refuse to help Me.   All My followers need to be kind and ready to care for each one of his or her neighbors.   People will come and help you when one day you are in need.   I bless you all."

Our Lady of Prince Edward Island, Canada

In the "Share These Words" group, many of the older postings from 2009 & 2010 contain spiritual teachings which are even more helpful to learning and growing.

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Jan 12, 2013