† Duty Is More Important

Jesus: "I want My children to have spiritual discipline.   This means you practice your faith regardless of how you feel.   There is far too much time spent on feelings today.   Duty is more important.   My children of the world think that their duties should be suspended if their feelings change.   This is not the case, My children.   On the contrary, you must complete your duties despite feelings of fatigue, boredom, and restlessness.   The enemy uses these feelings to persuade people that they should not serve their loved ones.   The world encourages this and does not hold people responsible when they shirk their duties or become lax or lazy.   Indeed, even in work My children complain and think they should be given liberty.   They begrudge doing their duty in every area of their lives.   Only in their personal entertainment do they stop complaining, and that is being taken to excess.   Children, this is not the way I intended for you to live.   Your duty is holy and in it you will find your path to holiness.   When you are unsure about what I want you to do at a given moment, look for your duty.   Does it lie with your children, your job, your family, your home, your work?   Everyone has a duty and in it you will find the path to your salvation.   I want you to have discipline now.   Decide, through prayer and conversation with Me, what spiritual practices you need to adopt.   Then you must be disciplined about these practices.   Only on rare occasions should you lift your obligation to complete them.   Please don’t think I do not understand the pressures in your life.   I am attempting, though, to realign your priorities and place them into an order that is more consistent with your decision to serve Me.   You must listen to Me, and together we will accomplish this task.   You will proceed more peacefully and purposefully afterwards.   I am with you and will help you to obtain this spiritual discipline, which will speed you in your conversion.

From Volume 1, p.123-> The author, Anne, a mother, began receiving interior locutions from Jesus regarding a renewal of faith in the world. The Bible should be received with genuine faith. In addition, people are free to accept or reject these private revelations.

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