To You All

Life has it's hardships...but life has it's blessings. You always have both, sometimes you just can't see it. Life compensates, truly it does. There's a perfect balance for everything. Everything. For all the ****** up things in this world there is beautiful things. Humans are horrid creatures and beautiful creatures. You win some, you lose some. Yin and yang is present in everything. Sometimes people can't always help you, we all have our own paths. Relationships and love are a plague and a blessing, interaction in general is.... It's like this...if you're a genuine person, there's another genuine person...if you're actually interested and crave love. Life and love is like a maze or a journey or an obstacle course..., you're trying to weed your way through everyone to get to the "one". (If you believe in that sort of thing) is like know why holidays aren't everyday? That would devalue it, waiting makes them (usually) so much more enjoyable. That's why things can't come easy. It's the truth. If everything was easy and peaceful and you had it everyady...there'd be no purpose. If everything was perfect so many things would cease to exist. Because pain breeds so many beautiful things...along with the horrid things, again, there's a perfect have to go through hell to get to heaven. You have to go through hard times so that when you finally reach the good times it will be so much sweeter. It tastes so much better, so much quenching relief. Life is a game and a journey, and it's's so short. You're out quicker than you came. I'm young but I know this and I never forget it. Life goes by in a flash. Just in a flash...that being said.

This is not a mundane existence. There is a reason...hell, we don't even know. **** creationism and science. We don't know. There is no way to know...suppose there is no afterlife, then this is the only life you have. Think of it like that. And I know it's hard and it NEVER get's easier, don't believe it does...if you're told that as a child you are screwed, people need to be real. Prepare, establish...dream. Stay in your mind. Dream. Make time to do so...find some type of euphoria you can tap into. Nothing lasts long. Nothing. It's a spiral...just don't fall off the ride permanently, because we fall but get back on. Because there's certain things that just are ineffably beautiful in this world. Emotion is both a curse and a blessing as well. Always remember there's always someone always better off and worse than you. Not undermining your problems, I'm just saying. There is no pinnacle of existence. There simply can't be. No one is living the best life EVER and no one can come close to their life.

But you don't always have any say in basically deal with the hand your dealt and hope it didn't slap you. But like it or not you're in your body, you have your mind....inevitable. And it's all beautiful. Like I said sometimes you just can't see...the entire picture, and no one person is exactly the varies, so many different forms. We can all learn something from each other, ALL..Each person has something only they possess... Humans tend to focus on one portion of themselves or something and obsess over possibilities and makes no difference. Don't value material things so much, by all means love them but don't put them before a living thing. That is just asinine. All existence is a beautiful thing...existence in it of itself is astounding! Have you ever thought about all the intricate working of us, the planet...of existence?!??!? Life is beautiful thing. Don't just exist, live and I know that's easier said than done at times but nevertheless it must be said. And don't be afraid to reach out in dire times, people do care and understand. The time to be content is nigh, goddammit. Not everyone cares and some people don't know how...that's a fact. Things fail. It's true. But you have to just find them and that...the ones and things that matter.

"For every dark night, there's a bright day after that" - Tupac Shakur
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Jan 18, 2013