† My Concern Is For The State Of Your Heart

[The Lord speaks.....]   There is a way to accept My Way, and a way not.   There is a way to come to know Me, and a way not.   There is a way to seek Me and be found, and a way to be lost or REMAIN lost.   If you are reaching out, I shall grasp you.   If you prefer to be left in life without My Arm, I shall leave you.   But I shall still Love you, and My Truth still stands tall, that you might glimpse Me from afar.   If you follow Me, then come....let us go.   If you refuse Me, accept then, the moment of your final demise, for CHOICE has created this moment for you and what you do with it is entirely yours.   This I have allowed.


I lead My people Home, never astray.   I lead My people to Me, never to the enemy.   Where you arrive is the result of your free choice.   Are you listening to Me.....this time?


Discover Who I am.   If I am Mercy, then be merciful and receive Mercy.   If I am Forgiveness, then receive forgiveness, and forgive!   If I am Love, then be in Love, surrender all things to Love.   Know that to be of hate is to choose to exist in the antithesis [direct opposite] of Love and I do not create the antithesis of Me.   Antithesis is the result of your own choice, and then your own actions shall condemn you.   I am calling you to be.....to be in Me.   I pray you do not choose to be.....to be in the other.


How you come to look at life can be your act of coming to know Me, or of denying Me. See?   It is not so much where your feet stand, but where your heart is planted.   For one will lead the other to Me.   Or.....the one can lead the other astray.   Yet, the feet and the heart are governed as well, by the head.   Be whole and complete in Me, My lambs.


Come to see, to know this moment.   Come to see where you are in Me.....before Me.   Come to see you are coming to know Me.   And in this moment of coming to know, you can choose.....to move on into Me, or to remain stagnant, or to flee.   What is your choice?   In one, I shall embrace you, in the other I shall let you flee Me.   This is the prerogative of a knowing heart.   And a knowing heart is informed.   A knowing heart knows.   A knowing heart chooses.....freely.


You are called.   Do you hear My Voice?   You are called.   Do you follow?   I ask you to BE in Me.   Do you accept this act of being?   May I lift you up to My Vision?   Would you come to see as I see?   Or are you to remain fixed in vision upon the earth, or worse, UNDER the earth to the scene of torment?   The middle is wiped away, My lambs.   The choice remains your.   Do not become confused.   Let the fog be lifted.   Darkness should be no more in your hearts, little ones.   Light has entered.   Light is provided.   Light is My Free Gift to you.


Shall you seek the Heights of My Love?   Or shall you flee to the enemy's camp?   Choice is the state of your being.   It is more than the issue of "place", My lambs.   My concern is for the state of being in your heart.   For here.....in the heart.....your soul.....is eternity. What shall your eternity be?   Are you to be in Me? ..... Or in the other?   Fullness of Me? ..... Or absence of Me?   Heaven? .....Or hell?   Where shall you be?   Where are you now?   With Me? ..... Or against Me?   Begin to see.   Light is here to illumine your soul.   Let the fog be gone, by My Piercing Light.   This is the Word of the Lord.   Amen. +


(Job 38:1, 12-21; 40:3-5; Ps. 139:1-3, 7-10, 13-14; Lk. 10:13-16)

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In March 1994, Laura (aka: Sarah) Zink's heart began to better understand how God so Lovingly speaks to His people. In April 1994 she understood Blessed Mother speaking to her heart. She asked if she could write her words, and Blessed Mother agreed. Our Good God has been permitting such kind communication daily since that date. (in Vermont)

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