† Practice Mercy, P.2

The Lord says: "I am the Resurrection and through Me I have made you all to be sons and daughters of the resurrection.   If you remain in sin, and unforgiving to your neighbour, inflexible in your heart filled with rancour, the Godhead will be denied to your eyes.   The all-Holy Spirit will not show Himself to you if in debt to sin, for you would have been rejecting consciously the act of compunction, an act of love ...

If you remain in this sin it is the same as though you tell Me:  "Master, I prefer to remain in my tomb.   I chose to remain dead and live among the dead."   Your flesh is already putrefying, you are decaying, and you still refuse Life?   To deny your sin is similar as to deny Life.   Come instead by My side and by the side of the saints and of those on earth who are nearing perfection, who are serene while in their contemplation to Me, whom I saturate in ineffable riches and celestial mysteries.

Ah, all-blessed act of forgiveness, act of charity...  You will not be tainted anymore but will receive the Kiss on your forehead from your Redeemer.   Blessed is he who renounces his sin, he will see Me, the Treasure, and will enter in the path of holiness.   Blessed is he who eagerly and passionately embraces My Cross, he will enter into the Beatific vision, and his soul will know ineffable joys!

Today, generation, I am overwhelming you with prodigies and with the sound of My Voice; to pull you out of your debt and out of the mire of sin I have chanted to you the song of Heaven.   I have shown to you the secrets of the Nuptial Chamber of My Heart, to exempt you from all evil I am continually in your presence; and if your eyes do not see your Bridegroom, it is because they are sealed with crusts of sin ...

As I have said to you, put behind you all your violent thoughts and do not give satan a foothold clinging to your grudge against anyone, for the Father in Heaven will deal with you severely.   Do not be like the wicked servant who pitilessly threw his fellow servant in prison for the debt he owed him.

Do not remain lifeless, but think of My indescribable Mercy I have upon you, generation; so put into practice all that I have said and receive the Holy Spirit of Grace.

Be one.

09/08/02 message from our Lord to Vassula Rydén =>

Vassula Rydén who is Greek, born in Egypt, belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church. God approached her back in 1985 while she lived in Bangladesh in a most extraordinary way, to use her as His instrument and charge her with His messages for all mankind. In truth it is a reminder of His Word. In these messages for our times, God is calling us to repentance, reconciliation, peace and unity.

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Jan 19, 2013