Portrait Of A Godly Marriage

Portrait of a Godly Marriage

A godly marriage is one in which both the husband and the wife seek to die to self

and live for Christ daily.   Personal agendas are submitted to God’s agenda as both 

spouses seek to be controlled by the Spirit of God rather than by their flesh.  

Neither partner clings to his or her “rights”, but both realize that they are under the 

authority of God.  Their unity is not based on likes and dislikes or other 

“compatibility” issues, but on the fact that God has joined them together.  They seek 

harmony through “putting on the mind of Christ”.

When there is an issue to address, they first consider where they have been wrong.  

After they have confessed and repented of their area of responsibility, they 

prayerfully and lovingly seek to bring their partner to a right place before God.  Both 

partners are willing to consider their own sin, repent, and are ready to forgive their 


Their primary goal for each other is that they reflect Christ and His love.  This takes 

precedence above personal agendas for their partner.  They consider it a privilege 

and responsibility to assist their partner in their spiritual growth.  They evaluate their 

love for each other based on 1 Corinthians 13 rather than on emotional whims and 


They take time to build and nurture their relationship.  The marriage takes priority 

above all other relationships (with the exception of their relationship to God), 

including job, kids, parents and friendships.  They are loyal and faithful to each 

other, and do not allow any person to come between them.

They make their physical relationship a priority, are affectionate with each other, and 

make love frequently.

They worship together, are faithful in church attendance, and read scripture and pray 

together regularly.  They do not treat their faith as a private matter, but share it 

freely with each other.

See: Ephesians 5; 1 Corinthians 7 & 13; Colossians 3; 1 Peter 3

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