What Is Holiness?


A place apart from the things that God forbids

What does it mean to be Holy?

1. Specially belonging to or devoted to God
2. Set apart for God’s service
3. Sacred, Saintly, Spiritually excellent, Pure, Devout, Pious.
4. Dedicated, Consecrated, Reverent.

We may conclude that God’s holy people are to be distinctively and identifiably different from the world’s crowd.

What is the basic Biblical premise on the subject of holiness?

It is a matter of distancing ourselves from things God wants us to leave alone. From the beginning, Adam and Eve were required to distance themselves from a forbidden fruit. That was an elementary example of holiness. Abstaining from things that God forbids us to do is an act of holiness.

"Abstain from all appearance of evil."

"Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing."

"Let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God."

Those are the basic premises of holiness.

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Feb 4, 2013