4 Kinds Of Love

Have you ever said, "Oh I love that car, I love vanilla milkshakes, I love this song, or that food? What kind of love do you call this?
*It's not the same love you would have for your children, and definitely not the same love you would have for your spouse.

What is Eros Love? Love of husband or wife. From which we get the English word ‘erotic.’ Eros is the word used to express sexual love or the feelings of arousal that are shared between people who are physically attracted to one another. Associated with the libido. Biblical examples of Eros love would be in the stories of Samson & Delilah, Solomon and his wife (Song of Solomon), David & Bathsheba.
Eros is the physical, sensual love between a husband and wife. Although this Greek term does not appear in the Bible, eros, or erotic love, is portrayed in the Old Testament book, The Song of Solomon. God is very clear in his Word. Sex outside of marriage is forbidden.

What is Storge Love?- Love for family, parental, siblings, and your children. This is the type of love that occurs naturally in a family. Storge doesn’t expect too much, is unconditional, often overlooks the other’s faults and frequently forgives. Storge is the love where we can be comfortable and secure just being in the presence of one another.
In most human conditions, the first love is the love a child has for their parent. This is the “I love you this much!” love. The “I love you to the moon and back love”. Storge also covers sibling love. I happen to be in the middle of my siblings, so I have a love for an older brother and two younger sisters. This love is also fierce, if not always displayed. Sibling relationships change so dynamically from aggravation, to rivalry, to camaraderie ultimately to friendship when the age difference no longer matters. This is the longest lasting love of your life. These guys have seen it all and love you warts and all. Most recognizable is the love of a parent to their child. We as parents protect what is procreated. It is an instinct, or God given blessing that occurs for the continuance of the species. This love is powerful, sacrificial, affectionate and unrelenting. This love will put you in harm’s way to protect your child. This love also changes much over the life of the parental role. Even though we love our children as they grow we create or allow distance for healthy development. We fiercely love and protect our children only to have to learn to let go when they leave the nest.

What is Philia Love?
Philia is the type of love in the Bible that most Christians practice toward each other, Brotherly love. Non- sexual love.
The affection and love people feel towards their friends and family is Philia love. Philia love is what most people crave from each other; it is that wish to be accepted, connected and loved by their peers. Philia love is not necessarily unconditional love nor is it spiritual love. It is love of family and friends because of connectivity and like interests. Philia love is that mutual love that bounds friends and family.

What is Agape Love?
Agape is the highest of the four types of love in the Bible. Jesus Christ showed this kind of divine love to his Father and to all humanity. Grasp what agape love truly means.- Agape love is a pure love where that person does not need to be loved in return. Agape, which is an unconditional love that most people strive to express to their loved ones, but always fall short because we have not truly experienced it directly except through our own beliefs in God, the Creator. Unconditional love or agape love has been explained as that paternal love of God for humans. It is that divine, self-sacrificing, active, volitional and thoughtful love, which has been expressed by Jesus and God in the Bible of the Christian faith; as well as other prophets in other religious content.
Agape love is quite spiritual in nature as it is a type of love that originates from one’s soul. It is a feeling that looks beyond all faults and failings even if it is criminal or perverse. It is truly very difficult if not impossible to truly express agape love to everyone. GOD"S LOVE IS AGAPE LOVE! 
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Feb 7, 2013