Just A Few

I am not going to speak words of God, only words that I am going to speak is the words that I have on my mind. These things we all face, all the burdens we hold. Everything we feel! It should not make us separate  No one should view another as a lesser being. None of us are better than the next. 

We share so many thoughts yet stay silent, so many thorns upon the roses make us bleed. Many lay upon our knees whispering our thoughts to the sky. where the stars and moons come to a line.

But is our words truly heard? We speak so many things, hide so many secrets
Too many feel so alone but really you are not the only speck of dust.
Let the wind carry us,together we are stronger,the clouds all fit together as we can.

Hand in hand lets make it through lets fight our pain, carry our own small tune.
Birds will sing the things we tell,trees will whisper the secrets we keep.
Do we chase upon the shadows? Dance upon the flame? Lets Step outside the line for once, fear nothing but fear itself.

Look within the mirror today and see past those broken tears. Within the strength you have inside. You are beautiful!
Never doubt yourself, there is always one person who cares,always someone who knows how you feel.

You are never alone, upon the dust within the dirt we are, we grow together, the wind shall carry us. We will be stronger together, never give up hope, through thick and thin we can stand together, together we can be who we are.
CrushedScottishLass CrushedScottishLass
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 15, 2013

very well said ,just an open hearty truth.

it's very beautiful :)