Our God Is Beautiful


"...He is beautiful without a blemish, great without quantity, good without need of qualification, eternal without the duration of time, strong without any weakness, living without touch of decay, true without deceit, present in all places, filling them without occupying them, existing in all things without occupying any space. There is no contradiction in His kindness, nor any defect in His wisdom. In His wisdom He is inscrutable, in His decrees He is terrible, in His judgements just, in His thoughts most hidden, in His words most true, in His works holy, in His riches affluent. To Him no space is too wide, no narrowness causes restraint, His will does not vary, the sorrowful does not cause Him pain, the past has not passed for Him, nor does the future happen in regard to Him...."

The source of all goodness and wisdom is God, and this particular message was conveyed through:

The Mystical City of God, unabridged, revelations to Sister Mary of Jesus (Mary of Agreda), translated by Fiscar Marison, Vol.1, p.48

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46-50, M
Jun 8, 2009