Our Lord's Words: "My little white dove...

"My little white dove, if the world is dying, it is because it will not let Me give it life."

"I am the resurrection and the life, and unless souls seek their life in Me, they will find only death and destruction."

"They fear man-made destroyers of life, yet destruction is in themselves. Man destroys himself through the evil that is in himself."

"Implements of war kill only that which is without. Man kills that within himself which none but he can kill."

"God is light, man is darkness, and unless he comes into the light, he will be forever in darkness."

"The Voice of My Heart is the Voice of Mercy. If man will not listen, there is no more I can do, for he ties My hands."

The source of all goodness and wisdom is God, and this particular message was conveyed through:

Our Lady of America, revelations to Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil), p.2

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Jun 24, 2009