There came before my mind...

...he said: "There came before my mind an unusual vision of my sins. I saw myself naked before the judgement seat of God, like a man facing sentence by the judges of this world. I saw myself sentenced to death. At the same time I realized the goodness and mercy of the Judge for, knowing that I should rightly die for my sins, He not only delivered me from death but dressed me in His own clothes, gave me food and shelter in His home, and, picking me out to serve Him, in His infinite goodness turned death into life, fear into hope, sorrow into joy...

Under the effect of these reflections, or rather utterly clear visions, the cataracts of my flinty heart were loosed and fountains of water overflowed to lay bare the depths of my sins: I burst out into tears so violently that (I say it with shame) I almost felt my heart would break..."

The source of all goodness and wisdom is God, and this particular message was conveyed through:

The Life of St. Catherine of Siena, by Blessed Raymond of Capua, p.76

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Jun 26, 2009